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Factory-X is a new project that is run by young entrepreneurs with a common goal. To make the perfect atmosphere for creating and innovating.


Up until now, we have been struggling with not finding a suitable place to study and work as students, freelancers, artists, or professionals. We weren't provided a space to discover, learn, and develop ideas in a professional environment.
We decided to open a coworking space to be inclusive of all young students and professionals who want to focus on advancing in their studies and profession. 

We want to create a culture of productivity and community support, we will be there to help you achieve your professional goals, and support your growth.


A new 


Greetings students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Do you need to escape noisy crowds and study for your exam? Are you looking for a fully equipped working space? Are you searching for a supportive professional community? Do you want to be a  podcaster and don't know where to start? Are you passionate about creating well-made videos using a green screen and other equipment?

In time, we aim to create a community that encourages; growth, success, networking, brainstorming, and talent development while also providing you with beneficial resources.

Join us now!

To be part of an active community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and welcoming study groups at Factory-X coworking space.

Booking Services




Access to a collaborative community of

innovative individuals 



Biweekly, professional and social events.

Internet & Printer
30MB Internet speed, plus printers, scanners, and office supplies.

Snacks & Beverage

Meals are prepared with ingredients which are vegan, low in calorie, and healthy.


Every table and work space has access to power outles.

Podcast Studio

 equipped with mixers, microphones, and other electronics needed for recording.

Conference Room

Private, soundproof, and equipped room.


Lockers are availble upon request.

Phone Booth

We offer a private, soundproof booth with power supplies and ethernet connections


Contact us


ADDRESS: AL-Hasan Building - 2nd Floor, Across An-Najah National University - New Campus  

TEL: 0595267067  |


We will contact you back in 24 hours.

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