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What do you do when you can’t stay focused?

The Dilemma

It’s not easy staying focused. Especially when we are surrounded by so many distractions; family, friends, noisy atmospheres, or simply, our mind feels chaotic. It’s hard to put your 100% into something when you can’t focus because anything could be a distraction… But more than anything else, you are your biggest distraction. If you are the type who believes that you get distracted easily, that means you have gotten used to having your attention diverted. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube, continuous exposure to short and attractive content leads to a shorter attention span.

How to increase your attention span?

The human mind adapts to the instant gratification of this type of content and craves more. Just as our body craves sugar after it’s tried it. We need to diet to lose weight and stay physically fit. The same way works for our focus, we need to train our minds to stay mentally fit. In a sense, we need to force ourselves to not check our phones every 10 minutes. This generation has gotten so accustomed to multitasking that we can’t put our 100% in one project. This is why one should try doing one assignment at a time.

Tips to Improve your Focus

1. Try organizing your plans and follow them accordingly, my favorite application is Notion. It helps me keep track of all the things I need to do without having a difficult time using the application. If you are planning a project, writing a book, or simply planning out your day, I definitely would suggest that you get Notion on your pc.

2. Another technique could be using the 50-minute focus and 15-minute break technique. Work hard non-stop and then when your timer rings after 50 minutes; take a short walk, use the bathroom or drink something, but most importantly, don’t use your phone.

How to properly procrastinate

Another reason people could be getting distracted is that one could be using their energy in something that is not being beneficial towards their growth or well-being. The best way to solve this problem is redirecting that energy into something that could distract you but also benefits you at the same time. For example, I am studying the Korean language because I would like to score a high level on my Korean exam. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to study or I am playing on my phone. So instead, I downloaded an application called Quizlet on my phone that allows me to make study flashcards for the Korean words I know. The application has a feature for practicing spelling and being tested on the application. I tend to spend a lot of time on Netflix too, so I try watching the show that is Korean, and instead of putting English subtitles, I would use Korean subtitles to practice reading and vocabulary. I am being productive while I am being distracted. The trick is finding where you find yourself being distracted and then changing that distraction into something beneficial.

Creating the best work atmosphere

To say that one could go a full day without distractions would be close to impossible, but there are ways to work around distractions;

  1. Bright Energy: Begin your day by washing up, putting on clothes that make you feel energized, and eating something healthy to boost your energy up.

  2. Good atmosphere: Create a good atmosphere in your room whether it is through cleaning, good music, opening the windows, or putting on some scented candles. If you live in a crowded house or are just sick of your room, go to a place that could put you in a study mood (I suggest checking out factory-X if you haven’t yet).

  3. Get rid of the Enemy: I know it’s hard but you have to do it, turn off your phone and throw it in your bag. If you need a timer, use a timer on your laptop but don’t use your phone.

  4. Be nice to yourself: If you get to a difficult spot where you feel like you don’t know what to write, research or do next, try taking a moment to appreciate what you’ve done so far. There’s no reason to be harsh to yourself. When you’ve taken a second to breathe, start a different assignment and finish it. Then go back to the other problem and solve it with a clear mind.

I hope these tips and tricks help you have a better hold on your goal and focus.

Just remember that we need to train ourselves into having a productive lifestyle, a positive mindset, and clear goals.

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