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Writing A Resume? Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Help You!

Writing a resume could be daunting at times, don’t let the intimidation lessen your well-earned accomplishments when you deserve to show them off!

When I wrote my first resume, I struggled to get it noticed by employers; it was too long and boring and did nothing to show my capabilities and ambitions. after a couple of edits by trial and error, I finally found myself writing the perfect resume that encompasses my passions, work experiences and helped me reach the right people.

Here are some tips to help you write a stellar resume!

Tip #1- Know your keywords

Employers look at hundreds of resumes per vacancy, they do not read every resume to the end, however, they do search for keywords.

For every career field or position, there are relevant keywords that will help attract the attention of employers, for example; in the international relations field, keywords and skills like; global, communication, policymaking, language fluency, team worker, and research are all tempting hooks to your employer.

Take the time to research your preferred position, see what employers are looking for, and sprinkle those words throughout your resume.

Tip #2 – Details are your best friend

I cannot express this enough, BE DETAIL ORIENTED! Don’t just state your role at your current position, explain what you do, what kind of tasks do you carry on a daily basis? Boast about your job, self-confidence does not just look great on you, but also on your resume.

Tip #3 – Highlight Your Accomplishments

On your resume, you have to convince the employers that you are the only right fit for the position. Employers do not spend more than 6 seconds on each resume; make sure that you catch their attention enough to compel them to continue reading.

Each resume you write should be position-specific, highlight the accomplishments that are relevant and are in the description of the position.

For example, if a position requires a bilingual researcher, you have to curate your accomplishments to the requirements. Do you speak two languages? Put that on there and include what level of fluency you have.

Make sure you choose what accomplishment you put on your resume, not all accomplishments are relevant to all positions, be specific and avoid generalization.

Tip #4 – Chronological Order is Everything

Any section that requires listing things, for example; your education history, your employment history, languages, and accomplishments, list them in a chronological order starting from the most recent.

For example;

- Master’s Degree of Science

- Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

- etc...

This will allow the employers to follow your history much easier and will let them know what most recent position you held and how relevant it is to the proposed position.

Tip #5 – Proof Read!!!

This is the most important tip for resume writing. No matter how impressed the employer is by your resume, they will be hesitant to hire you because of simple grammar and punctuation mistakes. This will show them that you are not detail-oriented and unorganized, that is exactly what you do not want them to think.

I will leave you with a final tip, be confident, know your self-worth, and know that whatever you put your mind to will become true. A strong mindset is a game-changer in job hunting.

Good luck and happy resume writing!


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